New art gallery

This blog describes the changes. And the improvements we have made over the last two years to increase comfort and experiences for those who view our new art gallery and ordering art from us.

Adding a new domain, our old address still remains active and automatically takes our guests to the new web page. The additional purpose of purchasing a new domain was to bind it with our hashtag #s999art.

The tip com refers to the guideline and indicates the country in which we hold and where our art studio is located.

New email addresses

New email addresses and

A lot of mailboxes catalogues automatically messages from other domains as spam. That’s why we use both addresses to rule out that messages from us will be badly established by bots. Additionally,  Gmail mail for comfort of our clients is the most universal and automate which translates to convenience for our customers.

Virtual machine

Virtual machine instead of private hosting. To increase efficiency and comfort we resigned from hosting for our own server which only serves our website.

It guarantees 100% efficiency for our clients only, no decline in transfers, suspensions and overloads, which often appear on hosting, one server which supports a large number of sites.

New server location. The new server is now in Germany nearby major junction connecting Europe with USA . it guarantees optimal page loading time for our guests from USA, EU and UK.

Additionally to increase comfort and shorten the time of uploading photos we used DNS technology which consisting in downloading photos to localised servers near the person who visited our website, which causes e.g. people from US during the next visit download much faster  and comfort of content because it connects to the server in US not in EU.

The next change is the new website www. We used completely new website based on word press. We simplified its appearance to a minimum. Minimalism, no unnecessary animations to respect the time of our guests and reduce the loading time of the content to a minimum.

In tests website our new art gallery receives a grade 90% in google ranking.

New Art Gallery


We have also introduced a number of improvements to our company.

We have added the option to pay in instalments. There are also new ways of paying.

We also create fully personalised orders of projects through the payment method in instalments. Everything to be customer friendly.

The entire page is encrypted and payment options are supported by some of the most advanced payment gateways. We do not have access to this data , the operation is taking place directly between customer, payment gateway and the bank. We only get the data we needed to issue an invoice and shipping address ..

Therefore you do not take the risk that your data will be intercepted or stolen or that your card details are stored on our machine. Al, these changes translated into a significant increase in security efficiency and convenience of using our gallery on mobile devices as well as smartphones and tablets.

If there is anything else you would like to see with us, let us know.

The website is constantly modernized and improved to offer our guests and clients the best possible offer and security.

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