Welcome in our gallery of authors works

It is a world that gives you the opportunity to create your own unique work highlighting your character or interior. This is a unique opportunity to collaborate with the artist on your own projects.

Thanks to our offer of custom made art, you have the opportunity to fully realize your dreams and get something unique and exceptional.

We also have rich gallery of finished works over a period of 15 years. All are original- painted paintings or prints of our works that you will not get anywhere else.

We do not copy other artists, but create our own unique style.

Thanks to this, you are guaranteed that you are purchasing a valuable original image and not a commercial item or someone else’s copies.

Each of our work has a certificate and a personal signature.

If you love art like us, think about whether it would be worth having such a wonderful piece in your home, which will not only decorate you beautiful interior, but also stimulate your senses, emotions and will bring smile and joy into your heart.

Art does not have to be only in galleries and museum. From now on your home, apartment, office can be your private art gallery.

Commission art

Create your own interior emphasizing your style, transfer your dreams to the canvas or any other medium of your choice , memories or an idea that always inspired you.

You can also get inspired by our paintings. Thanks to the cooperation with our artist , now you will have the opportunity to get something unique that will be 100% your image.

You can choose from different styles from UV, abstract paintings to 3D , nude art , portraits etc.

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