Modern art painting

We offer 5 types of paintings painted using various techniques.

Abstract painting


This is a modern art painting trend characterised by a rich, textured colour scheme and an undefined theme. This technique allows the viewer’s imagination to be influenced in a way that they can discover new meanings or elements and make their own interpretation of what is on the canvas.

This painting technique is perfect for both modern and classic interiors.

Abstraction consists of a variety of forms, textures, colours and contrasts, and offers unique possibilities for interpretation. It is worth bringing all these elements into your home as you will enliven the interior, give energy to yourself and other household members, and inspire your friends with creativity.

Artistic details in your home are best to reflect your personality and individuality.

In modern layouts, a strong feature will work well to make the interior unique, as well as emphasise the owner’s taste and character and give the interior its special character.


The colours in a painting can be heavily influenced by the room’s design, the owner’s preferences and other factors. As we offer painting pictures to order, we can fully personalise the picture, which guarantees maximum satisfaction of even the highest expectations that our client may have.

Our studio’s abstract paintings are incredibly diverse, from minimalism to abstract paintings with lots of texture and details. In addition to acrylic paints, we use metallic, fluorescent, phosphoric paints as well as glitters and resins. This allows us to offer an extensive range in which everyone will find something unique.


All works, projects and ideas are produced by our studio, which we feel is a particularly important. We do not copy the works and techniques of other artists which is very popular today with other people within the painting field.

This is critical to us in terms of both artistic and investment value.

Items created by copyists have no value as works of art and do not differ in any way from fakes and counterfeits and are treated in the same way by the artistic community.

This is why each of our paintings are signed and a certificate of authenticity is attached to it.

We also do not make identical copies of our paintings already sold. We only create subsequent interpretations inspired by them and made using the same technique, however, they are different from the originals.


We will ensure that you will receive an original artistic product, not a copy.

3D art painting


3D modern art painting are a combination of 3D objects with a canvas. Images created with this technique uses our original design which exceeds the typical templates and themes that everyone knows. Pictures of this type are legitimate, unique works of art and are not found outside our studio.

The artist uses a variety of objects and materials to create actual texture in his artwork, creating textured elements that can be touched and experienced. Such a work of art is then painted so that viewers can physically touch the work.

The possibility of contact with a 3D image stimulates the senses through sight and touch and allows for a deeper emotional feeling and connection.


Additional advantages of 3D images are the formation of chiaroscuro on their surface thanks to three-dimensional elements. These types of images react to changes in lighting, revealing a different visual effect each time.

3D images are best created close to a side light source or by directing light spots to them that emphasise their solid form and the formation of shadows on the surface of the canvas.


We offer this type of painting for faces, flowers, violins, etc. It is also possible to create your own image using this method for almost any object.


They are perfect for both traditional and contemporary rooms, which is why it is worth considering all the possibilities of the 3D image method to fulfil your dreams. Create a one-of-a-kind apartment that is full of colours, shapes and materials chosen by you.

Portraits painting

Portraits are a very personal painting form. No other painting will give your home more individual character than a portrait painting, so it is worth displaying it properly.

Our studio has a modern portrait collection paintings of famous people, who were the most well-known icons of their time, painted in either the UV or acrylic technique. We also make custom portraits based on client-provided photos.

This is a great opportunity to get a likeness of your favourite actor, artist or other public person.

Alternatively, you can order an original gift or a souvenir of a loved one. We also commission portraits of beloved animals that play an important role in the lives of their owners.

Modern nude painting

Nudes are sensual art for your interior.

It focuses on the shapes and subtleties of the human body. They are sensual and expressive, and most often made using the UV technique, which makes them ideal for creating an atmosphere in the evening time.


Female and male nudes provide great ambience for the bedroom, and a carefully selected showpiece will also look phenomenal in the living room.


More and more people have noticed that art brings a specific, unique quality to their rooms. It is a good and desirable direction in arrangement, because the place for modern art is a house, not just a gallery.

The purpose of introducing art into our homes is to have the pleasure of contemplating its meaning, to inspire us and to discover new interpretations.

We warn against buying a work that we do not like, even if others are delighted and even if it is extremely prestigious, because the work will be in your home and will affect both yourself and the atmosphere of the space it is in.

Modern UV art painting


Are another one of the many modern art painting on canvas techniques we use. We have listed it due to its low popularity and to raise awareness of it as a painting technique. We use abstract techniques, paint portraits, use 3D techniques and paint nudes.

UV modern art painting is an amazing technique with an impressive effect.

Pictures painted with this technique has two sides to its story. The first one is visible in the daylight and shows us their vivid colour palette.

Meaning that by day you see a normal painting, and if the room goes dark, and UV light is on, the painting it becomes more glowing, shining, coloured, vibrant and spectacular. Artworks that, although lovely to look at in daylight, really come to life when the lights UV illuminates.

Works of this type are ideal for modern rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, nightclubs and wherever we want to create a unique atmosphere.

To enhance the effect, we also offer the option of installing LED lighting around the sides of the canvas, which creates additional lighting and makes the canvas even more eye-catching.

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