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Commission paintingFinding your own style
Commission painting

Commission a painting

An image per commission means getting your desired image painted in any format and technique.
commission painting that will express your personality or highlight the tone of  your home’s interior.
A commissioned artwork allows you to transfer your visions to canvas, paper or other mediums using our artists’ hands.

Types of images per commission paintings:

Inspired by our works

Over the years, we have created a database of several hundred paintings.
Each of them can be an inspiration for your painting and give it a new, unique character. You can also freely modify the colours, size and details.

Inspired by the room

These paintings emphasise the unique and individual character of each room.

You can interweave interior minimalism with a rich texture and colour of abstraction or emphasise the surroundings with a raw, minimalist painting.

If you send us a photo of the interior, we will prepare suggestions and visualisations so that you can decide what will best suit your room.

Your vision

Show us a picture or a set of images that inspire you, describe the emotions you would like to capture, and co-create your own work of art with us.

How to order a commision painting?

The first step when it comes down to commissioning your very own piece of art is to get in touch with the studio – Contact Us via e-mail
Please describe what you have in mind for this commission. Be as descriptive as possible. (colour, size, styl, thema…)
We will contact you for more information.

The rest is a fully individual adventure that you are a part of.

More information about commission in FAQ.

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