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Welcome to s999art, where you can commission paintings by the professional and award-winning artist Anna Marija Bulka. This is a unique opportunity to realize your vision or entrust us with creating a painting that, for example, reflects your character, immortalizes a theme that is important to you, or will be a piece fully personalized for the space where you would like to hang painting. You can find many inspirations in our gallery, choose any size, color scheme, and details. We offer free consultations and individual pricing. If needed, we can prepare visualizations and our proposals for you. You can send us photos of the place where the painting will hang or other works that inspire you.


Here’s a detailed walkthrough of what the process of commissioning an art painting typically entails:

Understanding the Commission Process

Initial Inquiry: The process kicks off when you, the customer, reach out to us expressing interest in commissioning a bespoke art painting. You can do this via our online contact form or email, providing a brief overview of your requirements. This may include desired dimensions, preferred color scheme, thematic elements, and any specific inspirations or moods you wish the artwork to evoke.

Consultation: Following your initial inquiry, we will engage in a more in-depth discussion about your vision. We’ll delve into project scope, timeline considerations, and any unique specifications you may have. Feel free to share reference images or interior photos to help us understand your preferences better.

Quote and Agreement: After the consultation, we’ll provide you with a detailed quote outlining the cost and terms of the commission. This includes project timelines, payment structure (typically requiring an upfront deposit and balance upon completion), and details regarding revision and approval processes. Once agreed upon, a private listing will be created on our website for your convenience.

Creation Process: Upon placing your order, our artist initiates the creative process. We welcome collaboration and offer a set number of revisions to ensure your complete satisfaction. The typical delivery time is around 3-4 weeks, with the possibility of longer durations for 3D bas-relief images.

Review and Final Approval: Once the artwork is complete, we present it to you for final review and approval. You’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback and request any last-minute adjustments if necessary. Upon approval, final payment is arranged.

Delivery: The final step involves the safe delivery of your commissioned art painting. Whether through personal delivery, trusted courier services, or in-studio pickup, we ensure your artwork reaches you securely and on time.

In summary, our commissioning process prioritizes clear communication and collaboration, resulting in a bespoke art painting that is not only visually stunning but also perfectly tailored to your space and taste.


Second way of ordering an image on request:
You can also immediately order the selected image by commission, which has already been sold but is issued for painting. You only choose the available size (ask if you want another). The process of implementation and painting looks the same as described above.
You can find such works here.

Ready to commission your unique masterpiece? Get in touch with us today to begin the journey of bringing your artistic vision to life.

More information about commission in FAQ.

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