Creating art has the advantage that the people you have the pleasure of working with are more than just our clients.

Over the 15 years since I decided to make a living from painting, I had the pleasure to meet many wonderful people filled with the passion and great sensitivity to the art that I create.

Many of these meetings and messages I have received will stay with me forever.

Over the years, they give me inspiration and power to follow the path I have chosen.

It is a special feeling when you know that there is someone who loves and appreciates what you are doing. That what you create affects the other person and that it is real, full of positive energy and sincere.


I am also fully aware that every person for whom I created something made me where I am and had an impact on me …hence I decided to write this blog for all of you to thank you once again sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

Without you, your trust, your passion and love for art, I would not be able to write these words today.

I put my whole heart into every painting and thing I do, and I am happy to share with you…and I hope that despite the passing years my art will still bring you a lot of joy and positive energy.

I am not able to list all the people with whom we have shared a passion for art, but there are some special people I would like to more about…


Asia and Kuba are wonderful people who have been our friends in good and bad for many years . we could always count on them and always felt their support ..we met before I decided devote myself only to my passion.


Helen and Kris area great couple, although they have lived in France for years , their visits to our studio have always been a great joy for us and injection of positive energy.


Gary, our friend from Liverpool who we also had the opportunity to meet in  person .. a man with heart of gold and talent and the courage to create your world according to your own vision.


Carll, a friend who also went to the Netherlands this time ..also, a person full of passion and sensitivity. We hope you make your dreams come true.


Wayne is another great friend also an artist we would like to mention.


Monika a visionary close to my heart , although I did not have opportunity to meet you in person, every message from you brought you to my face.


Uju, a great person with an eternal smile and a positive approach to the world for this original and bold.


Karen is another close person to my heart , full of great ideas and creativity…you inspire my dear.


Dave, another visionary with many ideas that we could implement together a man with a golden heart.

I know that I have omitted a lot of people but I didn’t say that this is the last blog like this.

Finally, Ania my dearest friend for many years , who helps me and who I can always count on.

Why at the end and not at the beginning of this list? So that you think that I will not write anything about you.


Once again, Thank you all, my dear, and I wish you good health, joy and love.

Let all your dreams come true as I wish you with all my heart.

Anna Marija Bulka

Acknowledgments 2021

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