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Artistic ceramic tiles


Art tiles created by our studio are unique products dedicated to people who value individuality and have a passion for art.

They are distinguished by their unique design and the use of modern artistic and technological techniques. Our works have an assortment of uses. They can beautify the interior of your choice (e.g. kitchen or bathroom), as well as present an attractive point of interest as a decoration for a tablefireplace, backsplash or a picture hanging on the wall.

Our studio offers 2 types of artistic ceramic art tiles:

1. Hand-painted tiles

Our hand-painted art tiles offer the most personalization as it is limited only by the imagination and needs of our customers.

These tiles are unique because each element is hand-painted with acrylic, metallic, and UV paints, and decorated with glitter in colors that cannot be reproduced digitally or using another technique.

The tiles sparkle when reflecting light which gives a beautiful visual effect. We also offer 3D tiles with real elements, for example, shells, beads, or other motifs.

Our method for hand-painted tiles encourages innovation and advances in modern design, and therefore, we create images that set new trends in design and decoration.

Thanks to this, you can be confident that the space you decorate will be admired by your visitors and will remain unique for years to come due to your bespoke tile design.

Protective layer:

All our hand-painted art tiles are protected with the highest quality epoxy resins which make them shiny, and at the same time, provide a coating to protect tiles against UV radiation, moisture, high temperatures of up to 80oc and scratches.

What’s more, after it hardens, the resin becomes chemically neutral. It has no smell and does not cause any side effects. It can be safely used around food in the kitchen or in bathrooms and any other rooms.

Providing applied art of the highest quality is our priority, which is why we are constantly developing technologies that allow us to meet even the most demanding orders and standards.

2. Digital transfer tiles

Tiles using our digital transfer technique is best for people who want to choose a ready-made design from our broad range of works or would like to transfer their own digital file to a ceramic tile… Using a medium format camera, we can obtain perfect image quality for projects up to 5 square meters. These tiles can be used as individual images or for decorating entire walls, rooms, backsplash… At this moment we offer the following sizes:

25×20 cm 10×8 inches
20×20 cm 8×8 inches
15×15 cm 6×6 inches

About us:

Our studio is the only producer and distributor of this type of tiles. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your purchase is an artistic, original and top-quality product, which is the opposite of a factory product, reproduced in a mechanical and automated way.

All works are of our authorship. We do not sell rights to them, we do not disclose them to mass sales companies, and we do not disclose them to image banks.

This is a guarantee that you will receive something special and unique, and our art will not be commercialized and distributed on a mass scale.


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