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Welcome in our gallery of authors works

It is a world that gives you the opportunity to create your own unique work highlighting your character or interior. This is a unique opportunity to collaborate with the artist on your own projects.

Thanks to our offer of custom made art, you have the opportunity to fully realize your dreams and get something unique and exceptional.

We also have rich gallery of finished works over a period of 15 years. All are original hand painted paintings or prints of our works that you will not get anywhere else.


3D Paintings

3D modern art painting are a combination of 3D objects with a canvas. Images created with this technique usesour original design which exceeds the typical templates and themes that everyone knows.

Pictures of this type are legitimate, unique works of art and are not found outside our studio.

The artist uses a variety of objects and materials to create actual texture in his artwork, creating textured elements that can be touched and experienced. Such a work of art is then painted so that viewers can physically touch the work.

The possibility of contact with a 3D image stimulates the senses through sight and touch and allows for a deeper emotional feeling and connection.


UV Paintings

Are another one of the many painting techniques we use. We have listed it due to its low popularity and to raise awareness of it as a painting technique.

We use it for modern abstract art, paint portraits, use 3D techniques and paint nudes. UV painting is an amazing technique with an impressive effect.

Pictures painted with this technique has two sides to its story. The first one is visible in the daylight and shows us their vivid colour palette.

Meaning that by day you see a normal painting, and if the room goes dark, and UV light is on, the painting it becomes more glowing, shining, coloured, vibrant and spectacular.

Artworks that, although lovely to look at in daylight, really come to life when the lights UV illuminates.



Portraits are a very personal painting form. No other painting will give your home more individual character than a portrait painting, so it is worth displaying it properly.

Our studio has a portrait collection of famous people, who were the most well-known icons of their time, painted in either the UV or acrylic technique.

We also make custom portraits based on client-provided photos. This is a great opportunity to get a likeness of your favourite actor, artist or other public person.

Alternatively, you can order an original gift or a souvenir of a loved one.

We also commission portraits of beloved animals that play an important role in the lives of their owners.



Commission Paintings means getting your desired image painted in any format and technique.

In art Commission Painting is the act of requesting the creation of a piece, often on behalf of another A painting that will express your personality or highlight the tone of your home’s interior.

Commission Paintings allows you to transfer your visions to:

canvas, paper, or other mediums using our artists’ hands.


Modern abstract art

This is a trend in painting characterised by a rich textured, colour scheme and an undefined theme.

This technique allows the viewer’s imagination to be influenced in a way that they can discover new meanings or elements and make their own interpretation of what is on the canvas.

This painting technique is perfect for both modern and classic interiors.


Artistic Tiles

Created by our studio are unique products dedicated to people who value individuality and have a passion for art.

They are distinguished by their unique design and the use of modern artistic and technological techniques. Our works have an assortment of uses.

They can beautify the interior of your choice (e.g. kitchen or bathroom), as well as present an attractive point of interest as a decoration for a table, fireplace or a picture hanging on the wall.

We create tiles to order, or we can use our modern abstract art. portraits or a unique gallery of our photos.


Limited Edition

This is a series of selected images that we have carefully curated from all the works that we have done over the years.

The main subject of this photography are boundless landscapes, both natural and man-made, and we use black and white techniques most often in a minimalist form.

This allows the viewer to focus their full attention on the shape and form that color photography so often distorts.

Within this collection, each print only has 10 copies.

Each print is numbered and signed on both the back and front and comes with a certificate of authenticity as well.


Home Decor

These are a series of limited items such as vases, bowls, sculptures, coffee tables and other items.

This is a category of products that inspired us in some way.
Due to their interesting appearance and distinguishable features, we can give them a new life.

We put in every effort to give individual style to the selected items.

Works of this type are usually characterised by single originals.

Each item is also signed and receives a certificate confirming its authenticity.

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