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Gold And Black Vase

Bring a touch of originality and modernity to your home and office decor. Vase also would make a lovely gift.

Vase Black and Gold
Hand painted
Limited Edition: Signed. Certificate of authenticity include. Limited Edition
Size: 28 x 18 cm
Medium: Ceramic, Gold leaf (created in layers of 24k gold),

For centuries, artists and artisans have turned to gold leaf as a way to make their creations shimmer and shine. Evident in everything from ancient artefacts to modern masterpieces, the glistening gold accents can add an ethereal touch to any work of art.
You’ve probably figured it out by now, that I really really like gold leaf! I like shiny stuff. But I also like the challenge of combining it with paint. Anyone game to try it?

Gold coated products are covered with a special varnish.
Do not use abrasive and hard cleaning materials in silver, gold and coating products.
Cleaning by wiping with soft and dry cloth will extend the usage period.

It is a hand-painted product it may have small imperfections such as bubbles, inclusions and lumps within the glass and often tool marks from where they have been shaped and worked in the manufacturing process. These are not usually seen by collectors as faults or damage, but as part of the character of hand made glass and are not usually mentioned in the description.

Thank you for supporting independent artists!

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Painted to order:
I’m always happy to take commissions for new artwork. I won’t be able to make an exact the same of a work that already exists, but I can use it as inspiration for something that you will love.
This is an artwork that I will create for you based on the original design shown on the listing.
I will hand paint the work in the same texture style and using the same colour palette.
It will have the essence of the image shown with some characteristics of its own and be an original in its own right.
The advantage of a created to order artwork is that if any colour or size changes are required, we can discuss further.
Just contact me for more information.
After creating your artwork in about 4 weeks, I will send you a photograph to your email address for your approval before shipping.

If you have any questions about the created to order process, please use the contact box.