UV Vase

If you want a hand-painted vase please contact me. I will make a model especially for you for your interior.
Bring a touch of originality and modernity to your home and office decor. Vase also would make a lovely gift.
This is your piece of art.

Abstract Art Vase UV
Hand painted
Limited Edition 1/1. Signed. Certificate of authenticity include. One-of-a-kind Vase has no other.

Medium: Ceramic, Glass, Resin, Acrylic, Mixed Media, Fluorescent, Glitter (custom)
Colour: Red, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Violet, Black (custom)

The price may change depending on the size of the vase.

Work art is sealed it with a glass-like epoxy RESIN to enhance the colours and depth of the image, protecting it from moisture.

This resin art vase is the perfect accent piece for your modern or contemporary home, but don’t stop there. This unique creation would work well with just about any home decor.

$ 252 $ 176.4

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Artist uses the best UV paint to create mesmerizing portraits and abstracts that come to life after dark. Meaning that by day you see a normal painting, and if the room goes dark, and UV light is on, the painting it becomes more glowing, shining, vibrant and spectacular.
Artwork that, although lovely to look at in daylight, really come to life when the lights UV illuminates!
Human eyes perceive these changes as the unusual ‘glow’ of fluorescence.