Custom Backsplash – Rede Poppies

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Sold: Custom Size available

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Check My Fantastic Custom Backsplash: Handmade Tiles.

Splashback / backsplash
Size: One tiles (20×25 cm) Custom size, colour ask about price.
Material: Ceramic Art Tiles/ Gloss Resin, Acrylic, Mixed media, Glitter,
Colour: Red, Gold, Green, Black

SOLD: There are also hand-painted custom backsplash available on request.

You can choose the tile size, colour, pattern … I will paint the tiles individually to decorate the kitchen or bathroom, gift.

So if you like my style and are looking for something special, please feel free to contact me.

$ 149

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Black, Green, Gold, Red

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Custom Backsplash – Red Poppies

About Custom Backsplash
Backsplash show my unique paintings.
(The tiles can be used as decorations and finishing walls in the bathroom and kitchen.)
Work arts are sealed it with a glass-like epoxy resin to enhance the colours and depth of the image. Seals a covered work of art, protecting it from moisture.
Resin produces a high gloss, flexible and tough coating with good impact and abrasion resistance and UV protection.
It has excellent surface heat resistance up to 90 – 95 °C and water resistant.

Produce the most vibrant image of ceramic substrate. They can be used individually or to make a photo montage.
Two sea-style tiles available. Larger quantity and other sizes are available on request please contact us for details and price.

Shipping Information:
Your artwork should arrive in perfect condition, that’s why your Tile is packed carefully and thoughtfully using layers of extra thick bubble and tough cardboard to give it optimum protection.
To help the environment quality recycled cardboard is mainly used.
Artwork is dispatched by reputable and reliable courier services.
The process take to 3-4 weeks.

So if you like my style and have a particular requirement please contact me.