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Spiderweb 3D

Original handmade Acrylic painting on canvas.

Artist: Anna Marija Bulka
Title: Spiderweb 3D
Size:  (120x90x13cm)
Colour: Blue, Grey, White, Gold

Medium: Modelling past, Acrylic paint, Metallic, Plaster cast, Relief, 100% cotton canvas. Canvas stretched over a wooden frame. Ready to hang.

Signed on front. Certificate of authenticity include.

Sold. If you are interested, please contact me.

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Blue, Gray, Gold, White

Texture is a combination of how the painting looks, and how it feels on being touched. Anna uses different object and materials to create actual texture in her pieces, creating textured pieces to be touched and experienced. It is associated both with the heavy buildup of paint, such as an impasto effect, or the addition of materials.
Her textured artwork is then painted so that viewers can physically touch the artwork. The ability to touch the texture evokes multiple senses through sight and touch and allows for a deeper emotional feel.

Shipping Information:

If you choose to pay “Pay a Deposit Amount”. Painting is only shipped after full payment.

Your artwork should arrive in perfect condition, that’s why your painting is packed carefully and thoughtfully using layers of extra thick bubble and tough cardboard to give it optimum protection.
To help the environment quality recycled cardboard is mainly used.
Artwork is dispatched by reputable and reliable courier services.
Originals shipped in 2-5 working days